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Argentine Commemorative Stamp about a Falkland War.

Crucero General Belgrano

Cruise "General Belgrano" was shot by a torpedo fired by the nuclear submarine HMS Conqueror, 323 men out of the total 1093 died.

On 2 April 1982, the Radiopostal "Islas Malvinas" was created. During two months, this "Correo Argentino" branch office provided an important service . The Islas Malvinas Radiopostal, accomplish a mission to send the letters that the soldiers sent to their families.


The ex- soldiers were awarded by the National Congress of the Argentina

On 1st May 1982 , Argentine Air Force had its fire baptism. The airplanes Dagger, Mirage III and V, Pucará and Canberra MK-62 , carried out a heroic performance during the war. This was recognized, including by the British enemies.

Falkland War , Argentine Heroes